At Mobility Fitness Institute, we value the opinions of our clients and their families. We wanted them to have a way to express themselves on our website and give us some feedback, so we created the Testimonials page. Here are some things that our clients are saying about us…

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  1. Janice Molina says:

    The video “Awesome Training” is of my next door neighbor, Ashley. What a power-house she is which is so evident in this video! I am amazed at what she is involved in doing. I am a fit and healthy person and I can’t keep up with Ashley.

    Kudos to the great trainers at this facility! It’s a blessing just to know this place exists.

  2. Howard Wistrich says:

    Jeffrey and I first discovered Mobility Fitness Institute through the UA School of Nursing. Even before meeting Willie Caldwell in person, I knew that we had arrived at the right place after seeing inspirational quotes from famous people hanging on the wall outside of his previous building.

    Not only does Willie possess a comprehensive understanding about how the human body works, but he also possesses an amazing intuitiveness about the human spirit and how it can have a tremendous impact on a client’s training program.

    The facility is state of the art, the staff is friendly and commited to fulfilling the needs of all of their clients. Willie is a visionary, constantly creating and improving upon the exercise equipment throughout the gym. Pool therapy is available as well as ultra sound therapy for pain control. Willie even has hyperbaric oxygen therapy available as an option for treatment.

    Tucson is so blessed to have within it’s community, a world class Performance Institute for people with disabilities and even more blessed to have Willie Caldwell at the helm, leading the way to create a better, more fulfilled life for all of his clients.

    If you are a person with a physical disability reading these testimonials, please do yourself a favor and pick up the phone and make an appointment to visit this facility. I guarantee that it will be the best decision that you have ever made!

    -Howard W.

  3. My overall experience at Mobility Fitness Institute has been very positive. I suffered a massive stroke in 2009 on the right side of my body, making it very difficult to walk. Working with the institute, my attempts to walk are much better. They’ve got very impressive equipment. The staff there are very positive and hard working. I recommend them to everyone we know.

    -Mona H.

  4. Our experience at Mobility Fitness Institute has been exceptional. The staff is very kind, friendly and caring. They make safety and our well-being a priority. They are very knowledgeable about the disabilities we face on a daily basis. The institute has not only helped with exercise and mobility, but has given us a positive outlook and attitude of “Never give up!” We leave feeling inspired everyday!! We tell everyone we know about Mobility Fitness Institute and recommend it to all.

    -Jeffery & Kathy S.

  5. Debye Darling says:

    My husband and I have been working out at mobility fitness since october 2011. The staff is amazing there. Not only have they helped my husband who is an “incomplete quad” with his strength and muscle tone but has strengthened his positive attitude. The best perk I have found is that the staff is not only concerned with the patient but also of the family and/or caretaker. I no longer have to sit around for an hour or two while my husband works out, I also have a trainer who works with me at the same time. It dosen’t get better than that! Willie and his staff are excellent trainers and knowledgeable resources for anyone with a disability and there family. I only wish I knew about them sooner.

    -Debye D.

  6. Meredith Campbell says:

    My 76-year old husband became an above-the-knee amputee several months ago. Once the leg healed, he was fitted with a prosthetic leg and began physical therapy to learn how to walk all over again. His strength and general fitness had regressed during his recovery from surgery, however, and the therapy sessions concentrated mainly on balance and how to control the prosthetic leg. They did not address regaining his fitness and not having strength hindered his progress

    After several months my husband took a break from therapy sessions and started training with Willie at Mobility Fitness Institute. After two months of hands-on exercise, training and stretching with Willie and his staff, he is now walking with a cane and working toward walking independently. And, what made the experience even better is the fact that my husband liked going to the gym to exercise – it wasn’t a chore. The staff is professional, the gym is state-of-the-art, and we couldn’t recommend it more.

    -Meredith C.

  7. Billie Holbrook says:

    In January, 2010, I began my fitness exercises at Mobility Fitness Institute. My goal, as a wheelchair bound person for over 40 years, was to ride my handcycle in the El Tour de Tucson in November of that year. With training, encouragement and a positive outlook, I did the 42 mile race. The side benefits of training have been enormous. My energy level is high and my blood pressure is low. My flexibility, strength and range of motion are much improved. I continue to keep up my exercises to meet new goals and to improve myself with preventive health measures.
    The Institute connects with the Loop Trail along the Santa Cruz River where I can ride safely for miles without traffic.
    The gym itself is spacious and comfortable. Willie Caldwell makes equipment that adapts to all kinds of disabilities. When there is a need, Willie can come up with innovative and unique exercise equipment.
    I very much recommend the Institute for a healthy, positive atmosphere where an individual can reach his or her goals.
    – Billie H.

  8. Webmaster says:

    When I started at Mobility Fitness Institute, I was incapable of getting in and out of the car by myself. Today, I drove myself and can slide in and out of the car. It’s amazing at some of the things we do here to make my life a lot easier and making me more independent. Without Mobility Fitness Institute, I don’t think I would have made the progress that I have made to be able to do the things I’ve been doing.
    – Frank N.

  9. Webmaster says:

    Mobility Fitness Institute has helped me become a better athlete in wheelchair track and field competitions. My goal is to become a U.S. Paralympic team member. The facility has a great environment and the staff is amazing with all their clients.
    – Steven K.