We are here for you

When you think of a person with a disability, what is the one thing that most of them wish they could have back? It’s to have the ability to move around without restrictions or moving freely about. This is where the first name of our institute came from. MOBILITY is defined as the ability to move about freely, especially to accomplish work or exercise.

Next, what is our institute about? It’s about living a healthy lifestyle and being able to function to the best of our own ability on a daily basis. That’s where the second word of our name comes in. FITNESS is defined as good health or physical condition, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.

Our institute is where we put all these words together……MOBILITY FITNESS INSTITUTE.

Our program is based on an Athletic Recovery Training System. We use the principles of sport training in the recovery of people with all types of disabilities. The training is designed to change the physical and mental state of the client, so they are able to integrate back into the community as fast as possible with the skills and strength needed to perform their daily tasks of life.

Mobility Fitness studio