Willie Caldwell, the founder of Mobility Fitness Institute, is a certified personal trainer and has been working with the disabled community for over 10 years. He has developed his program based on his athletic background and has dedicated his time and effort into helping people change their lives.

Willie was a world class sprinter at Baylor University. He held the world record for the 500 meter dash and was a NCAA National Champion in the 500 meter and 4X400 meter relay. He also won a United States 400 meter dash championship and was a member of many U.S. National track and field teams.

After his track and field career was over, Willie wanted to serve his nation in another way and enlisted in the United States Army. He spent four years in the 4th Infantry division and served in Desert Storm.

After serving his country, Willie noticed a huge problem within the community. As he trained his able body clients in the gyms around town he saw multiple individuals in wheelchairs not having the accessibility to train with certain equipment. Willie immediately took action and started designing his own equipment that pertains directly to someone in a wheelchair. He has been developing his own equipment now for the past 10 years and finally was able to patent his first piece in 2010.

Willie Caldwell and a youg client

His equipment is revolutionizing the way the disabled community stays healthy and we know it can change your life!!!